Twenty Hexagons

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Our expertise

We are seasoned software professionals. We have gathered experience from different areas of software engineering and development

Scalable Cloud Deployments

Migrate your systems to be truly scalable by exploiting the latest cloud technologies.

Mobile Applications

Stay always connected with your users offering your services on a mobile application.

Location Based Applications

Increase the value of your product by giving your customers location-based information.

Internet of Thing (IoT)

Get real time information on the state of all the physical tools and accessories at your own or your customer premises.

Bluetooh Low Energy

Keep everything connected with high speed and low energy consumption.

Near Field Communication

Speed up user recognition and authentication with secure, seamless and fast NFC solutions .

Our Products


Callplate helps cities and citizens to save money by reducing the need for towing cars in parking restricted areas. simplifies the process of awarding grants offered  by private and public foundations to researchers and scientists, keeping every step secure and validated for both reviewers and applicants.