Callplate helps cities to save money by reducing the need for towing cars.

The Callplate system reminds car owners of upcoming parking limitations and offers officials, street maintenance personnel and public transport authorities a way to quickly contact car owners in a secure manner, while respecting everybody’s privacy.

Immediate savings

Reducing the number of cars towed in a city brings immediate savings in personnel and resources costs for the authorities in charge of enforcing the parking limitations, and saves the car owners from possible fees related to the towing itself and possible dissuasive fines.


Keeping the streets free of parked cars at the time of maintenance or cleaning works decreases the time and increases the effectiveness of the related tasks, consequently reducing the polluting effects of the works and improving the quality of the urban air.

Citizen satisfaction

Car owners appreciate from the authorities a direct and personal communication addressed to inform them about the parking limitations and the reasons behind those limitations, as opposed to getting their vehicles towed and a dissuasive monetary fine. Non car owners benefit from a better and faster service on the streets by maintenance personnel and public transport authorities.

Callplate components

In a nutshell

Callplate consists of a set of services used to provide the desired functionality, an “operator” app used by maintenance personnel and officials to alert and reach car owners, and a consumer API that can be used by apps to retrieve the information about upcoming parking and traffic limitations. The API can be used by an ad hoc app (as in the SiirtoSoitto case below) or by any app the City is already using for their citizens.

The service will send in-app notification to users at predefined intervals before the limitations come into force, and if the cars are still in the limited traffic/parking zone when maintenance start, maintenance personnel can use their app to request an automated call to the car owner, informing of the need to move their car.

Callplate can integrate to existing City/Council infrastructure to retrieve road maintenance information and provide service data to existing application.

Case Helsinki


SiirtoSoitto is the name of the service offered by the Callplate system in the City of Helsinki. SiirtoSoitto started in the Spring of 2018 as a pilot project in the Töölö neighbourhood helping street maintenance personnel and car owners during the the cleaning and disposal of the winter anti-ice gravel.

 After the pilot being a great success in reducing costs for the City and obtaining extremely positive feedback from both maintenance personnel and citizens, SiirtoSoitto continues running as an extended pilot project in 2019-2020 in the whole metropolitan area of Helsinki. 

During the 2019-2020 pilot project SiirtoSoitto service will cover the anti-ice gravel cleaning in Spring, dead leaves and branches cleaning in Autumn and snow removal in Winter. 

If you would like to know more details about SiirtoSoitto ckeck the 2018 results SiirtoSoitto_ Helsinki Pilot  or contact us.